$1 donation to support the abandoned dogs!

Hemppy Dog sees a high priority in saving lives. Deserted dogs deserve a good life, in a good home all the donations will go directly to make that change. Together with you we will make this a better world for pets.

This project primary goal is helping foundations to continue their blessed work and continue to rescue and care for all these friends who deserve a second chance. Unfortunately, there are thousands of dogs that are alone and in need. In order to change that we need your help, and would like to thank you for collaborating and supporting the cause.
 We launched this campaign to help the abandoned dogs, and we see that our consumers see this as an important cause. also, with each purchase of a bottle of hemp seed oil, we donated to multiple charities for dogs. 
 A significant contribution to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary organizations, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, Michigan Humane, Grateful Dogs Rescue, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions, BAD RAP, PetSmart Charities, and Petco Love.
We admire the work of these organizations as they provide a better life for dogs around the clock. Hemppy Dog, together with you help, will continue to contribute and provide the best assistance they can to make sure that dogs have a good happy life. If we all do our part, we will change many lives for homeless dogs. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, and make a difference with us!

Best Friends Animal Society is a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters. A leader in the no-kill movement, Best Friends runs the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals, as well as lifesaving programs in collaboration with its nationwide network of members and partners working to Save Them All.


The ASPCA supports local shelters and rescue groups with a variety of resources to help save the lives of animals in communities throughout the U.S


BADRAP was formed in 1999 to tackle the difficult issues that had been bringing suffering and early death to San Francisco bay area pit bull type dogs. We soon developed into a nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering desirable pets for adopters, training classes for dog owners and presentations and professional consultations to animal welfare leaders around the country.

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Young at Heart's mission is to provide senior dogs and cats with a safe haven to ensure they live with comfort, compassion, and companionship in their golden years.

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PetSmart Charities, Inc. is committed to finding lifelong, loving homes for all pets by supporting programs and thought leadership that bring people and pets together. Through its in-store adoption program in all PetSmart stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, PetSmart Charities helps to find forever homes and families for more than 550,000 shelter pets each year. PetSmart Charities also provides grant funding to nonprofits aligned with its mission.

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Grateful Dogs Rescue is a registered 501-(c) (3) all-volunteer non-profit organization (TIN 94-3251570). We are dedicated to rescuing, fostering and finding homes for dogs in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Michigan Humane operates three adoption centers and four veterinary centers in Detroit, Rochester Hills, Westland and Howell; seven adoption partnerships with Premier Pet Supply, Petco and PetSmart; and both a Cruelty Investigation Department and a Statewide Animal Response Team.


We reach out to senior and special needs rescue dogs; find homes for those dogs that are adoptable; and offer end of life care for those that are not. If we had our way, no dog would spend its last days in a shelter. 

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Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a Forever Foster Home based Sanctuary in beautiful Mount Juliet, Tennessee, generally housing approximately 120 senior dogs at the Sanctuary and others in temporary and Forever Foster Homes.

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Petco Love is a nonprofit changing lives by making communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier. Since our founding in 1999 as the Petco Foundation, we’ve empowered animal welfare organizations by investing $300 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. We’ve helped find loving homes for more than 6.5 million pets in partnership with Petco and organizations nationwide.

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Hemp oil - Hemppy dog
Hemp Oil, Omega 3, omega 6 for Dogs
Hemp oil For dogs Made In USA
Hemp oil - Hemppy dog
Hemp Oil, Omega 3, omega 6 for Dogs
Hemp oil For dogs Made In USA

100% Natural Hemp Oil for Dogs - 30000 Mg


At Hemppy Dog, we understand that pets are also part of the family and can suffer as many stressors and health challenges as their owners. That's why we offer the highest quality hemp seed oil for dogs—produced and grown in the U.S.A. from certified Colorado hemp seed.

Help Americans by buying a domestic product with confidence in quality!

Each dose of hemp seed oil for dogs contains fatty acids as well as essential vitamins and antioxidants.


This premium hemp oil can relieve chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and more. CBD works in harmony with your body's natural systems, balancing the dog's endocannabinoid system to help regulate stress levels and pain management. Also, treat various symptoms and offer benefits that can improve your overall lifestyle: full action and fast and long-lasting results.

  • No psychotropic effects
  • No dependence
  • No reported adverse effects on pets

 All-Natural Non-GMO Grown, harvested, produced, and tested in the U.S.A. So go ahead!

Add hemp seed oil to your dog's daily diet for health and longevity! Don't miss out on your hemp oil for dogs!

This product is suitable for dogs of all ages and all breeds.

If you're looking to try the benefits of CBD on your pet with the highest quality and purest oil, don't hesitate to try this product.


Hemp Oil, Omega 3, Omega 6

Each presentation of this product contains natural extract hemp oil and other organic ingredients—100% NATURAL product.

  • Produced and bottled in the U.S.A.
  • G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved.
  • Shake before use. Dropper bottle allows for optimal dosage.
  • Avoid touching the dropper with your nose to preserve the quality of the oil.
  • Add evenly to your pet's food or water bowl.
  • If you have doubts about the dosage, consult our guide (place the link).

 Important: Consult with your dog's veterinarian before including it in the diet.

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