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How Hemp Oil Will Affected My dog?


My Name is Gil and I’m the owner of  “Hemppy Dog”.

Hemppy Dog was founded because we want to help dogs in a natural way.

The best way we know how is using CBD/Hemp oil which is 100% natural and efficient. More over, you already have it in your body. But that’s for another post…

I want to tell you my personal experience with my brand hemp oil.

It’s all starting with Lilu being super reactive to stimulation from the street. She barks without control and won’t stop when I call her.

It was very frustrating.

 So What one suppose to do with this situation?

Of course, call a dog trainer. But, that require hard work and consistency which is not always available in this fast pace life we have.

So, even though I tried the training and the did the drills, because it wasn’t consistent, there was a noticeable regression back to the reactive state.  

So that didn’t help, and for a long time, I felt frustrated.

And then I heard about the affect of hemp oil on anxious or reactive dogs.

How does  our hemp oil affected my dog ?

It tool about a week, between the first drop and until a tangible change was made.

She’s used to storm out of the house like king lieonids  in the movie “300” in the scene were the messenger is being kicked to the pit while yelling “This is sparta!”

But then, she started to become more relaxed, and she transformed into joe from friends and be like “How you’re doing? “

The main thing is that the “red mist” state she was getting herself into was removed. For example, she used to start barking in response to other dogs in the street, and wouldn’t come down until I grabbed her physically.  Now, after giving her the hemp oil, she’s a lot more susceptible to listen to me when I tell her to stop barking, or to come to me.

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Another good effect is, she’s no longer “jumping on other dogs the street thinking they might attack her, so she better attack first.

She’s less anxious on the street with other dogs, so that makes our walks a lot more relaxed.

This in a nutshell a quick overview of our hemp oil effect. We will review more effects in the coming weeks. There a lot more to cover in the subject of how hemp oil affect our 4 legged friends.

Read more about Importance of Hemp Oil Consumption to a Dog

It’s not a magic pill that will make everything perfect in an instance. There’s work to be done with your friend to change their reaction on certain triggers that your friend is used to operate by.

But it’s a great starting point to make your work a lot easier, and make your furred friend life much more pleasant.

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